Sunday, November 11, 2007

La musique d'Amour

Unless you are cultured worldly music...or a huge Final Fantasy nerd, you wouldn't really know this artist.

I am neither.

During my college years, my roommate introduced me to Lara Fabian's The Dream Within. Sung in English, it is a pleasant, romantic theme emphasizing the search for your love within the heavens and stars.

The theme and lyrics are a bit cliche. The song is even featured in the "Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within" movie.

However, Lara's French & Italian material are very thematic; it conjures emotions of electric energy. Her vocal prowess, no matter if it is in English, French, or Italian, swoons the ears of listeners.

The fact that I do not speak, nor understand French positively contributes my enjoyment of her music. I feel that even if I did, I would still enjoy her work (as I admire her English pieces).

If you get a chance, listen to some of her stuff.



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