Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who Let HIS Blog Out?

A "geek" is one who admits to enjoying a good dose of Star Trek and knows exactly how Wil Wheaton reached stardom. Biz Stone's "Who Let the Blogs Out?" is an enjoyable read for geeks and non-geeks alike.

Similar to William Gibson's Neuromancer where the reader is introduced to a fictitious, digital world, "Who..." explores the blogosphere, the worldwide network of blogs, and what makes them tick. The big difference? Blogs are more real than the skin on your body.

Apples and Oranges you might say? Sure, one's fiction and the other isn't. Just remember that the reader simply cannot hop on a plane and fly to Gibson's Chiba City. Even a less fictitious locale featured in "Neuromancer" such as Atlanta, GA. requires a great amount of money and time to visit.

With a few clicks of a button and a couple minutes out of one's hectic schedule,
the reader can actually visit all of the blogs cited in the book--all without paying a dime. One example is Heather Armstrong's rants on everyday "public stupidity." Think: A real life Office Space.

Chances are, readers stumbling upon this page already have a semblance of what a blog is, at the very least. Stone gives a good walkthrough on how to set up a blog, attract visitors, and even gives tips on how to make money through blogging, effortlessly!

This book is by no means a literary masterpiece and will not be the most challenging thing you read. Instead, it will serve as a great time-killer; something to read in the crapper or during "primetime Blogging hours" -- when your boss (or professor) is not looking over your shoulder.


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