Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blogging - Connecticut Style

An Asian-American college student whose spent most of his adolescent life in Fairfield County writes about the trials and tribulations he faces day-by-day. That is the theme of my own personal blog that has enriched the lives of my peers. And like the blog-keepers mentioned in Jane Gordon's article, "Dear Blog: It's Another Day in Connecticut," (which appeared) in the October 9th, 2005 edition of the New York Times, my blog's specific theme revolves mostly around my life at school with the occasional random entry about anything (ranging from political to satirical) that prompted and deserved its own mention.

However, Gordon makes a fallacy in the differentiation between a blog and a journal. In my own experience, many people treat a blog as if it were a journal, with the only differences stemming in the fact that a blog resides in cyberspace and is available for public viewing. A good analogy is to compare a blog to a sitcom such as "Everybody Loves Raymond"
where the show portrays a family man's life in a satirical manner. A blog is simply a textual, public discourse representing what life is actually like; descriptions can be exaggerated and taken out of context.

Rich Hanley, director of the communication graduate program at Quinnipiac University, makes a great point about the world of blogging. He was quoted as saying, "even if it's only to two or three people, you've succeeded." The statement holds true because your publicized opinion now has an audience. It does not matter if the audience is composed of three people or three thousand people, someone cares about what you have to say.


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